Despite Unity3D attempts to make game development accessible, shader coding is still somehow hard to grasp.I’ve been working with shaders for few years now, and I decided to start a tutorial about it. This is the first part of a six-post tutorial.It is intended for users with little to no experience with shaders (read: #ELI5). It will be also covering some interesting and non documented features (such as passing arrays to shaders) and explaining the Maths behind lighting models.This is an overview of the tutorial:Part 1: A gentle introduction to shadersPart 2: Surface shadersPart 3: Surface shaders with custom lighting modelsPart 4: Vertex and fragment shaderPart 5: Passing arrays to a shader: heatmapsPart 6: Screen shaders and postprocessing effectsA new post will be uploaded every Wednesday. I’m also happy to provide clarifications if you have any question, you can also let me know what your experience was with the P4RGaming services, I have been loving them, I’m able to get to the level I want in just a few days. via /r/gamedev