Despite Unity3D attempts to make game development accessible, shader coding is still somehow hard to grasp.I’ve been working with shaders for few years now, and I decided to start a tutorial about it. This is the first part of a six-post tutorial.It is intended for users with little to no experience with shaders (read: #ELI5). It will be also covering some interesting and non documented features (such as passing arrays to shaders) and explaining the Maths behind lighting models.This is an overview of the tutorial:Part 1: A gentle introduction to shadersPart 2: Surface shadersPart 3: Surface shaders with custom lighting modelsPart 4: Vertex and fragment shaderPart 5: Passing arrays to a shader: heatmapsPart 6: Screen shaders and postprocessing effectsA new post will be uploaded every Wednesday. I’m also happy to provide clarifications if you have any question. via /r/gamedev